Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

The Silence

I have not had interaction with either of my room-mates since Thursday. This house has been absolutely silent, and right now I wonder what is going to happen in terms of surviving in this household if they were to just never come back.

I have had a long and exhausting set of recent days, filled with frightening ogres with teeth missing, a bus driver with milk bottle eyeglasses, cars pirouetting in the icy streets, paying out for the most entertainingly awful taxi service (where left means right, followed by a U-turn with a police officer watching) and jackets that just won't fit and more rumours of sneaky management tactics, and helping someone move a TV in the worst possible way, and watching the first episode of the second season of Project Runway, and watching a man in a t-shirt lock his car keys inside his car, sitting inside a car while a police officer pulled it over, and missing out on a warm bed due to cold weather, and being unable to sleep as a result.

I will sleep for less than three hours to try to get to Seattle for photographs tomorrow. The Sunday bus schedule is not kind to me, though the weather appears passable enough that it won't ice over tomorrow and make the trip take a disastrously long time.

This year has had some good things, but in general it's been a year of stagnancy, of waiting. Next year will hopefully perk up and things will work out. Until then, I should try to get some kind of sleep.

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