Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers


I have been told by Rock Band that I sing this song flawlessly. I choose to disagree but will take the comment as a good thing and be subsequently flattered.

Beyond that, Christmas was all kinds of hectic, work is all kinds of hectic, and the immigration paperwork must get sent out immediately, which is another whole load of hectic. Hectic's my middle name right now. Which is better than Hector for a middle name, but barely. I'm also going to have a productive day tomorrow, and hope to celebrate the New Year in some kind of style. Even if the plan turns substandard and seems like a second-class idea, second-class is still a type of class to exude, I suppose.

I wish I had the time to write all about things that're going on, but it's just not there. But I'm alive and safe and feeling positive for the next year. That's as good as we can get, right?

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