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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Cola Man With The Shrivelled Mouth, and other stories not to be read late at night.
Here's the beginning of what could be an epic update. I'll keep typing while I feel like it.

At work a few days ago, I had to listen to a picky customer. He had his daughter by his side and he was acting rude to the staff. You could see the disappointment in her face, that she wanted to disown him. He was asking about the used games we sell...

"So, these PlayStation games I'm about to buy... what kind of condition are they in?"
My co-worker replied, "They should work. We offer a seven day return policy."
Ignoring the response because it wasn't what he wanted to hear, the man said "I'd like to know the shape of these discs before I purchase them."
I clocked off for my break, and as a parting comment, mumbled loudly enough that the girl giggled and cheered up, "They're round."


I helped a friend of mine find the Uwajimaya in Seattle. Uwajimaya is a supermarket full of Japanese groceries, but in our case, the only aspect of that, that could possibly matter, is the obscure Japanese candy. After going for the more obvious and famous candies that can be seen in good anime stores, I've been trying some of the more obscure types of candy, the discounted stuff left on the bottom shelves, away from eyesight and sunlight. I'm a fan of cola-related products, and so have tried out some kind of sour cola candy which has a brown monster sporting American boxing trunks and a puckered mouth, from all the sour. It tasted quite average, but definitely gets bonus points for the picture, which I can't find, so have an equivalent creature with shrivelled mouth, but imagine Rocky-style boxing trunks and you're all set.


For any fans of board-game-like stuff, I really enjoyed playing Apples To Apples. Not sure who's a board game junkie around here (and if you are: Super Scrabble FIFTEEN DOLLAR GOOD TIME) (and even though Apples to Apples is not a board game, but it's that spirit you have to get into, you know, the preparation for looking like an ass) but you get seven noun cards and must choose the most apt (irony usually gains bonus points, which suits me) for the adjective displayed in front of you. Examples never sound as funny when you look back on them, where you realise you might have overstepped the mark with politically incorrect responses that suited the humour of the judge in question - New Orleans, unfortunate? No idea how that happened.


Immigration paperwork is as good as done now. That's the big thing all taken care of. I've got the money in the account for the processing fee and I've got all the paperwork I could find completed and/or photocopied, so just got to be patient on one or two more issues and then get on with the waiting around, and work on some other projects instead. The chaos of getting through something like this makes me want to keep on working on chaotic little ideas in my spare time. I used to say that I'd make all these little bits and pieces. Now's a good time to get serious on this. Tomorrow I work until five, and after that I'm looking into gold paint and the hammer and sickle stencil for the Communist DS. I must get that one done. It's practically no work at all versus the positive reactions it'd receive. Unless I want to get elaborate and work out if it needs a layer of lacquer on it to prevent scratches and blemishes. Not like me to overcomplicate situations, oh no.


My plans for travelling in 2008: I will visit Canada (most likely Vancouver) and Oregon (most likely Portland) and possibly Northern California.
Long-term plans involve looking into a trip to Australia or New Zealand, to say I've visited four continents.
That then leaves a place to look into in Asia and South America. And maybe a realistic place to stay at in Africa. I mean, I was in Africa, but it wasn't really a place with an African vibe. It was the most beautiful and un-touristy tourist trap I'll ever go to, I'll say that much. There was personality to Ceuta, but it was a personality that seemed to be limited by its links to Spain. Something'll come up there.

Otherwise, where else should I visit? I'll think about that one a bit more.


I wanted to write a lot more and/or be a lot funnier.

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Shigekix are one of my favourite Japanese candies. The cola ones are alright but not the sourest. If the packaging is the same as when I've bought them, there's a number on them, different for each of the flavours. The higher the number, the sourer the candy.

I was trying to work out what the number was about. I was guessing quantity, but felt it was weird that some packages got more than others.

Nope, sourness rating. I think the purple ones (grape) and the blue ones (ramune soda or melon iirc) are my favourites. Though there are some orange 'genki' flavour ones that are really good too.

I love really sour candy though.

Your comment to the asshat customer reminded me of a quote from one of my favorite movies:

Evelle: Do these balloons blow up into funny shapes, old timer?
Old Timer: Not unless round's funny.

That quote doth make me happy.

Ignoring the response because it wasn't what he wanted to hear, the man said "I'd like to know the shape of these discs before I purchase them."
I clocked off for my break, and as a parting comment, mumbled loudly enough that the girl giggled and cheered up, "They're round."

Do you know if the guy heard you, and if so, did you see his face? That's priceless. XD

I think he heard me, but was so dedicated to his cause of causing a scene that he didn't realise I gave him good ammunition to flip out on. I don't think he was expecting cleverly-used sass.

Apples to apples - cucumber : desperate. I still bring that up every time I play, and it was over a year ago...

Also, seconded on the Australia thing.. I'm about to move to Sydney and Rosey's there, so I can supply a couch if you need somewhere to be horizontal and immobile for a while a day.

Yeah, mooching is one hell of a good plan. It'll be a damned pricey flight as is, apparently.

What company did you book your flights with all that time ago?

Mooching is the greatest, accomodation is always the most expensive part of a trip... well, when it's long enough to justify the airfare. I just visited my local flight centre and had them organise it. They're slightly hopeless, but there wasn't much for them to stuff up so it went ok.

Just dropping by to say that traveling is always a good time. if you are going to visit Canada, you should try to visit both coasts as they are quite different from each other. :)

I'm told by my friend in Australia that once you are there you can get cheap flights over to New Zealand from Melbourne, and also to Tasmania if you would like to visit there.

I've always wanted to visit Russia, and now that I have quite a few Russian friends, it makes me want to visit more. ♥

I'm a bit cheap and not sure just how much of Canada I'd be able to see. Vancouver is apparently a doddle to go and visit, so I have to do that. It's just a bus journey up. Really got to do it.

As for Australia, I hope I'll be less cheap at that point and able to see a few spots there. It's definitely a big enough country to keep a person entertained, and the major cities seem sprawling enough that if I couldn't travel again, I'd be just fine.

Russia seems like a cold place to go. Seeing as Tacoma is damned freezing all the time, I can't see the excitement value in the country, but that's me just being all cold and grumbly right now. I know there's a lot of charm to most of eastern Europe, though.

Yeah, Vancouver is really close to you, but apparently most of the people who are born in Vancouver are kind of rude and snobby. The friendly people are those not born there. It really is a beautiful province.

My friend went to Australia with the SWAP program, which helps you get a working visa and helps you find a place to stay for one or two nights, then you are on your own. She found it really easy to travel around, by hitch hiking or taking a cheap bus ride. She was also there for a little more than 6 months. She also took part in WOOFing [Working on Organic Farms] and used couchsurfing.com which helps to cut down on a lot of costs.

I find living in Canada helps with the cold. This morning it was -17C and I'm just in Nova Scotia. New Brunswick gets a lot colder. When I lived there I had to walk through a -40C snow storm with the wind chill. :/

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