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I don't really eat with large bites, I simply nibble and chew. I kind of infuriate people when I spend an age preparing a delicious snack just to pick at it. My answer?

"Small throat."

It's true. Possibly.

Beyond that, Rock Band has been played a lot. I am now competent enough to play medium guitar on the game, which doesn't feel like much of an achievement, but it's a lot better than I thought I would be one week ago. I'm also capable of singing many songs on hard and expert, though that is a little bit of a struggle. Drums... just don't own them. So. No good on those yet. My character is way too accurate to how I look for its own good. Or maybe I'm just dressing up like the character. Either way, it's seeming more entertaining as time passes.

I didn't know Dr. Pepper was the most explosive of all sodas, but I tried to have a nice calm evening with Steph, and it was going very well, until she opened the bottle of soda. It'd been remaining quite still for a good ten minutes, but it still went out of its way to spray anything in a four foot radius with its syrupy wonder. Steph's initial reaction was to take a step back and once you go back, that's the end of it, you just watch the bottle of soda spray everything with a glum face, and find the paper towels.

I was meant to do some laundry today, but the weather outside was so tragic that I think I might not have taken more than a hundred steps outside. I was driven somewhere so I walked a little bit inside a store, but today I have conserved energy for what I will make an epic workday tomorrow. Today. Yes.

I never received the umbrella I ordered over a month ago. I wonder if my card was debited back or if it sits in some giant warehouse waiting to be shipped out again with my say-so. It was apparently an ugly umbrella, Steph said. It was one of those GustBuster types though, so ugliness be damned, I'd remain dry. Apart from the fact that the cold out here is a damp cold, so you've got that wet feeling to your bones.

Beyond all of this, I find I'm having friends around here try to make time for me again. Not sure what I did to change things around, but I think it's a good thing to have places to travel to and people to travel with. It'll make my trying to visit Oregon a lot easier if someone goes there enough that they're happy to take me along for the ride. Though his musical tastes are obnoxious and can be annoying to me; odd, for I thought I had a high tolerance level. I'll deal with 180 BPM DDR-esque songs in many more circumstances that most. But certainly not all of the possible circumstances where it could occur.

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