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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Putting The Mug In Smug
Steph left this morning. I set all the alarms clocks for 6ish, just to make sure we woke up and got her out. And we did just fine, after an initial issue with one bus leaving early. So, she left at 6:30 and I went back to sleep, but determined that I should get up early to look into the issue of my lost cellphone, and finding a good alternative if my cell phone was lost.

I set the alarm for 9:15 on my Nintendo DS, the object in my room with the most obnoxious alarm beeping, for it consistently harasses you every six minutes if you ignore its beeping. So, I knew it would wake me up just fine. I wake up before it goes off, though. I'm kind of pleased with my body clock knowing when I needed to be up, and turned to my alarm clock to turn it off, and check how close I'd managed to get to 9:15.

It was 12:20.

I'd managed to hit the volume-to-zero slider button on the Nintendo DS. Thankfully this left me six minutes to get ready for work - today I had no time to brush my hair, and hoped for the best - and the rest of the day was pretty rushed as a consequence. I endured a lot of work, a lunch where I haphazardly bought the first phone I could find that was cheap (not sure I like its lack of normal phone rings yet) and the feeling of being over-tired when a person sleeps in for way too long.

But tomorrow might get back to normality. I believe tomorrow is Pigsflyday.