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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I had a few forms arrive over this week. The first was confirmation that the USCIS had received our visa paperwork. The second was a letter I must keep hold of to preserve my visa status in America for another year - it's currently inside my passport as a critical piece of paperwork. The one I got today beats them both, though - I've already been given a date and place to go to for my biometrics appointment.

I've looked into it and I need to get a 174 bus from Seattle to get to the place, which I get to on February 19th at 12 PM.

So, next step - ensuring I take off the days around this appointment at work today. Then seeing if I can find someone to travel with, because the process can be a little boring otherwise. Maybe I'll be a little vain and look fancy for the photograph, and find something good to wear for the event. Either way, great progress is occurring here. Time to make a few phone calls and cheer some people up.

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Well, it sounds like we are doing very very well! I think that the biometrics appointment is a really good sign. Not asking us for any more information is also a really good sign :) That was a really fast biometrics appointment too!

I may be able to travel with you on that Tuesday if you can stand my company!

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