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To Do List

Okay, let's see. Little fluffs of chaos to deal with.

First step: my tax forms. My workplace didn't get the information I wrote down accurately and so I've been paying less taxes than I should have. If I had been paying attention to my paystubs instead of not wanting to open them out of disappointment at what I'd earned, and if my previous managers had not tried to brush the issue aside ("It's nothing to worry about, you'll be fine") I might have caught it before it was too late, but I did not, so my next paycheck will primarily be used to even out the amount I owe the Government.

Second step: my laptop. My wireless networking doodah has given up. I have a switch on the front of this laptop that tells me if my machine is trying to search for a wireless connection. Apparently this type of laptop has an issue where it forgets it has a wireless card inside it if you let it hibernate too often, which I do. So. Plain and simple disappearance of any more wireless capability unless I ship the laptop away. Thankfully the laptop is barely inside its warranty, so that'll be resolved.

Third step: my immigration. I'd like to have heard more back from the USCIS. I'm just waiting to hear what's going on with the visa, whether I'm going to have an interview soon or could be fast-tracked through and will attain a card. I'll look into more of this over the next couple of days, before the laptop gets sent away.

Fourth step: my Rock Band guitar. Just got to get confirmation it was definitely received, lest I get charged $125 for a wired guitar.

Fifth step: my valuable junk. I do love the giant Legend of Zelda stand hiding in my bedroom, but it might be worth something, and with more potential bills to have to handle, getting rid of things like this won't be a bad thing. Also tempted to sell Wavebirds that I acquired (thank you, Smash Brothers Brawl!) and Tetris DS (I forget every time that Tetris is a puzzle game I cannot really enjoy, because I hate seeing my mistakes on-screen and Tetris is all about showing your mistakes and making you work to fix them) and other such nonsense. I think I could have a little fund of $100 or so if I start getting rid of some nonsense.

Sixth step: my ego. I had broken my beard-trimmer a few weeks ago and was left to grow a long beard until I bit the bullet and paid for an electric razor. The beard-trimmer used to shave to short stubble, but this razor chops hair down to nothing. I think I look like a baby, and Stephanie says my skin is as soft as a baby's now. At least I have dark eyes and deep eye sockets that would mean someone would focus on my eyes before my baby-face. I also never liked that I had a clefty dimply chin as a kid, but don't care too much about that now - though it had been so long since I'd totally shaven to nothing that I forgot I had one.

Seventh step: my memory. I must write down if I borrow something from someone, or if someone borrows something from me. It came to my attention when I bought Hot Fuzz for cheap over the weekend, that I'd already bought this film on day one. My memory believes I may have given it to someone as a thank-you present? I can't find Shaun of the Dead either and I wouldn't give that one out. There's probably many more films that are/aren't meant to be in my collection, but I just don't remember that stuff. I will start to, though. I have to catch this Edgar Wright-loving fiend in the act.

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