Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Not Ashamed To Say It

For nearly twenty-four hours I have worn a band-aid. The reason why this might matter? There's a lavender unicorn on this band-aid. Unicorn Power is excellent.

I've started to use a real electric shaver, to trim the beard down to nothing - I mean, I can actually see my skin. My facial hair seems to grow back so fast that I can shave in the evening and have a 5 o'clock shadow before I go to bed. But with my hair the way it is, I think I might look better clean-shaven. This revelation frightens me, because I imagined myself to be an old grey beardyface for a long while.

I also found I have a scar on one of my cheeks, which I'd never really seen before due to my face continually being covered with hair. At least, I think it's a scar. Not sure how I got it. Am trying to work out what sounds like a really cool way to have gotten a scar. Maybe it's just a sleep line, though. Too lazy to examine further, y'know?

I have been offered a lovely table and chairs for $40. They look like they're worth $100. I think I might snap this up, if Jamie and Steph agree that it is a delightful table. I find I have good taste in housing, so I should be able to pick out an excellent table as well.

I really don't mean to sound so vain here, but I wonder if my personality really helps me do things I shouldn't be able to. I've had people make me pancakes for breakfast, spoiling me over their own son. I had the situation where I helped get the credit check money negated for this Seattle move. I can walk into a Best Buy or a KMart with a beeping backpack and all I have to do is tell the guard "Sorry! This'll beep on the way out too. Sorry!" and they'll just smile and nod and let me through. Almost tempts me to see what would happen if I did nab anything. I mean, they've never stopped me before and I've beeped at them!

I wonder what would have happened if I let myself grow up to fit into my surroundings more. I probably wouldn't care much for ties, I reckon. And I'd have developed an uglier, squawkier accent.

I'm dozing away now. Time to sleep.

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