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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Boys' Night In
First: the noteworthy quote of the evening.

"Don't move in with your girlfriend! It's like moving in with your mom all over again!"
"Except the sex is better this time around."

I had an evening of playing games and talking about nonsense with three of my Tacoma friends. I have a habit of doing the most ridiculous thing of the evening, and henceforth being the memorable one. This even holds true to playing games.

Not much to describe if you've not played Wii Mario Kart, but using a Bullet Bill on the apex of the bridge jump on the last lap of Delfino Square, to go from a deserved 12th to an acceptable 3rd got a good reaction out of my audience.

Taking over from someone who was dead last at the end of the first lap, racing my way back into contention, and winning the race by drafting past and veering right in front of my rival, as a red shell is homing in on me (hitting them instead - yay human shield!) looks a hell of a lot more impressive.

Finally, beating the two people who own the game on tracks I've never seen is apparently upsetting for their egos. Ho-hum!

Today is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Take advantage of it! Steph is going to show me someplace and ensure I take advantage of this for the first time. I'm excited, to be honest. Something positive to look forwards to.

Something negative, though - a friend jokingly reminded me of Spaced and how good it is, and I nodded and agreed and realised that that's another TV show I'm missing from the collection I brought over. No Spaced, no Black Books... who the hell did I let borrow this stuff, and why the hell don't I have it back? This is pretty upsetting, I've got to say it, I feel annoyed by my lack of remembering the shows I possess and who I've let borrow things from me. Money, I can remember - DVDs and games, you're practically able to steal them from me if you want to.

Time to sleep. Early start tomorrow.

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GAH! No Spaced or Black Books? That would bug me too. I have the same problem. A friend once returned a book to me she'd had so long I had completely forgotten I even owned it.

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