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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Corrupting World Of Plain Ol' Dirty Things
Yesterday was a major moving day. Anything clumsy-shaped that Jamie owned was shipped up to Seattle. A fair few boxes made the trip also. I'd say about 70% of what needed to go up made it. I've got... about three boxes to go, and a few objects that were obnoxiously-shaped that I forgot to ask to be shipped along. Let's get a list put up just for me...

Bag of laundry
Box full of mainly jeans and t-shirts
Small metal-framed box for clutter to go into
Little trashcan

Clearwire Internet Box
Brown box in frontroom
XBox360 box full of bric-a-brac
Games systems
Giant circular chair (might be too big to go now...)
$100 check to be written out for me
This laptop

Box of stuff in the kitchen - pans and food and stuff like that
Towels and general toiletries in the bathroom
Cheeses and other nonsense in fridge (try to eat before I'm long gone!)

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You mis-spelt cheque. As someone who comes from an English speaking background you're supposed to know these things..

Just as "football" became "soccer", "cheque" was abandoned and became "check". And "route" is now pronounced "rout". I will think of more ways to show I am becoming "A Merry Can".

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