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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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A Recent Dream
It's Time To Start
This dream featured the cast of Keeping Up Appearances.

Richard had decided he was fed up with life, and so planned to end it. Hyacinth returns home to find him downing a bottle of whisky. He also informs her that he'd had a bottle of pills beforehand. As he collapses, his arm also catches a knife lying on a table top and he begins to bleed heavily on the floor. Hyacinth freaks out and begins to shout, which gets the attention of the neighbours. Hyacinth's neighbours, Elizabeth and Emmett, rush in to see Hyacinth punching Richard in the stomach, in an attempt to make him throw up, because she wasn't sure what else to do in terms of his potential overdose.

The neighbours come in and try to get Hyacinth away from his body, not sure if she might have attacked Richard, and begin to form their own suspicions when she screams and lunges at them with the knife. Cue a struggle where Hyacinth somehow gets fatally stabbed by Elizabeth, dying in Elizabeth's arms.

Elizabeth laments upon this death and after some time passes, the end of this dream involves Elizabeth jumping off a cliff into the water below, trying to swim away to drown at sea.

...why couldn't that have been the final episode?

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was this your actual dream?

sounds like the plot of thelma and louise

Man! Wonder what your final episode dream of "Are You Being Served?" would be like.

I think I'd like to start raising the money to film it, whatever it may be...

People need to trust me with their money more often.

I used to imagine the elevator doors opening, with rivers of blood flowing from them, the torrent strong enough to drown the weaker of the cast. Also: cast members dressed as "robot prostitutes from the future".

And John Inman versus Nordic God at Guitar Hero, to try to save the day.

And Mrs. Slocombe's wig would be fiber-optic.

And this is what I think of when sober and lucid. Just ponder on what I could dream up...

My dreams are so amazingly normal that they often blur into reality. I hate it when I think something happened but it turned out to be a dream. It usually mean that I do actually have to do the dishes.

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