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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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History Today
My body, so used to our old store getting quiet around 8, closing shop doors at 9 and doing a little casual counting until 9:30, isn't handling the adaptation to the same job in a busier store. This store gets quiet around 9, closing shop doors at 9:30, and intense cleaning until 10.

Just a little difference, but it's enough.

Beyond that, this is the week I have to get myself organised with visa paperwork. Putting together the last forms after my initial form-sending wasn't enough for immigration. A "Request for Further Evidence", they said. It's a process that feels like it'll never end. Still, it's been so long (arriving here in mid-'05) that I - kind of - endure the limbo with a peaceful, harmonious approach. What I'll do if I'm effectively given dual citizenship is another matter.

So. Today is looking at the new paperwork I've collected together, seeing what I can send along. Tomorrow is photocopying and writing and putting everything together. Thursday is mailing. That's the plan. Nothing can stop it.

Today and Thursday are also working until 10 days. Frightening beasts, those shifts, to the uninitiated.

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so, the eternal visa process is met with a resigned state of calm but what you'll do if it all pans out won't be? :-( in my mind, that's when things will be calm and... less miserable.

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