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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Blissful Ignorance Of Knowing Too Much
One of my favourite items, in fact, I'd go to say the most important possession I've acquired since I moved to America, is this multi-coloured "painting" created when Jamie and I went to see the Blue Man Group in New York. It was produced by one of the Group; he consumed a ball of some non-toxic paint in his mouth, and spat the paint back out whilst spinning a piece of canvas around. This piece of art was created in ten seconds; it went from a blank canvas to a multitude of colours, sprayed in each direction, and it was all put onto the canvas using his mouth alone. And I know how it was made, and I think if I explain how it was made to someone in enough detail, that it might not sound as impressive. It might be a little bit disgusting, actually. I don't know what you think.

But I love this work of art, because it came from nowhere and it became something that I enjoyed so instantly. I remember New York vividly if I look at the picture, but might not recall so much otherwise. I recall the methods we had to use to get this slightly wet piece of art home in what could be described as a monsoon-like patch of weather in New Jersey.

I want to make something like that. Just produce something, get some gratification for something bizarre and unique. Doesn't have to be made in ten seconds, but I do need some kind of project... it used to be livejournal icons or designing levels on video games, but can I make something outside of the realm of the technological? Am I actually going to learn some craft in the near future? Gosh. That sounds substantial. I wonder if I can handle doing that. I could become the next Grozart.

I also wonder if I'll find something tangible that makes me enjoy Seattle as much as I did these excursions to NYC.

Update: I'm feeling a void because I stopped taking photos! How did I forget?

I stopped because my camera is kind of broken, and because Jamie needed my memory card. Her pictures are better and have more meaning, and so I never asked for the card back, to put into my fritzing camera. But damned if that wouldn't be a fun bit of instant gratification. There are some shots of graffiti I see every time I take the bus to Tacoma that I want to have kept on this computer.

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They're not better, nor do my photos have more meaning that any of yours ever would. I'll get the card back to you as soon as I get home and clear my photos off!

I think you're being too modest about your photography. You've had people express an interest in buying your work, and you've made money out of your photography. That's an impressive step, and definitely something I wouldn't feel comfortable doing with my pictures.

I'm just thinking of trying out my camera again to get a creative spark going, though I think it'll just remind me how broken my camera is. We'll have to see what we can do as far as finding you a replacement memory card, too. They're getting cheaper and cheaper these days - I reckon I could get a 2 Gb for less than $20.

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