Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Promotion and Penny Arcade

Today I met the people behind Penny Arcade, and did a transaction for them. They wanted golf games and Disgaea 3. On the credit card Mike Krahulik used, it actually says "Penny Arcade" under his name. I suppose it makes sense that they'd have a Penny Arcade business card, but it still surprised me.

I also got told that I deserve a promotion, and I do deserve a promotion, although that sounds egotistical. I've been waiting for a chance to show I'm good enough to get somewhere in this company. It's also a 20% pay raise! I was pleasantly surprised to hear that. Didn't realise the next step up was so... substantial?

So. Lots of pleasant surprises today. Now, to help tidy up for Steph's visitors. It could mean I'm up really late tonight. The weather's set to be miserable for them, which makes me feel bad for Steph. Whenever her friends visit, the weather gets pretty depressing.

Also: I have my shirt designs to work on. I just want something unique to some eclectic games I enjoy playing. Kula World, Sparkster, Vib Ribbon, Geometry Wars, some other stuff I need to remember... I've just got to fathom what kinds of designs need to go onto these shirts, what colours the shirts need to be, and so on. I always forget one idea that comes to mind... hmm, maybe it was the red ring design? That's something simple to design and put on a shirt. That isn't what I'm forgetting... bother. I'll remember when a computer isn't near me.

Hm, going through icons... the Zoo Keeper might be a good choice. He's a grumpy bastard. Oh! It was Mr. Grumble Grumble Moblin from Zelda that I wanted on a shirt, also. His puzzle was the first I ever encountered that really got to me from Zelda.

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