Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Cocked asses?

I bought some Leninade recently. Also, in Uwajimaya Steph and I found two types of snack next to each other: Cream Collon and Couque D'asses. We didn't buy either, sadly.

What else? I got the promotion I talked of. I now live ten minutes from work, and can conceivably come home for my lunch break. Fitting in is difficult as someone else has made it clear they don't want to work with me because I was given the promotion over them, although I do get the perk of running the store this week and so can pick on them if they act like a jerk. So far I've been aggressively friendly, I offered chocolate and soda when he had a lunch break just after mine. I've also heard they might be moving to my old store, to train for a future promotion. If it fixes the stress, that's okay. My manager is also flamboyantly gay, and offends customers with a charm that should get more glares than it does. I've been told I'll fit in fine because I still snicker like an immature kid when he throws out a "Your mother..." joke.

I had a really nice day with Steph today; probably one of the best days I've had in Seattle. We had perfect weather as we walked down a route where all the graffiti murals of Seattle are. As we walked down this path, we were told by a bus driver that we were actually illegally walking down this path. So we deviated off to the local junkfoodery and enjoyed food, before finally heading home, via Uwajimaya.

In there we bought Kingfisher beer, something Steph has told me I've needed to enjoy this since meeting her. We also got a lemon vinegrette for a chicken meal we'll try to make tonight, and flavoured marshmallows as a dessert. Steph also went to Lush and was given some soap for free, because she was having such a good day. I feel that Steph's happiness is infectious - one look at her all happy and smiling after such a good day, and the worker may have felt better herself.

Steph also got a new high score for Columns - she's getting good enough at the game to make Level 20 in there - I'm lucky if I can make 10, while I got a high score on Dr. Wario - I got past Level 20 myself. I'm wondering what the record for Columns is, because Steph might be close to it!

So. Off to enjoy delicious chicken, try Kingfisher beer, and watch mindrotting reality TV. It really has been a good day off!

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