Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

The Embarking Of A Strange Day

Today is the day of my immigration interview. I am nervous, and not in the "I'm expecting it to be okay but the waiting is killing me" manner.

I'm missing a lot of paperwork that would be really good to have, I have a lot of explaining to do for the situation I'm in, and finally, my passport has disappeared out of this house when I know I had it - under a week ago - under the table I'm typing on right now.

I am making this situation difficult for myself. Life goes on either way, but I do want to stay here. If it goes negatively, I at least know there's a firm of lawyers that specialise in immigration less than ten blocks away. Of course, I hope that the reason it's so close to me isn't that I have to utilise it and that everything goes smoothly, but... well. It is right there, and I've never seen a law firm specialising in immigration before in my life. It's across the street from my favourite diner here in Seattle! Why else would I have this building show up so prominently in my life?

Okay. It's 1:30 and I can't find this passport. Here comes the stomach-queasiness. I'm sleeping till 6:30, waking up, splashing water on me, then heading onto the bus. At least I have the bus fare prepared there. Provided the cat doesn't eat it.

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