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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Sometimes, sometimes
Brief Runthrough Of Day:

1:30 Sleep
5:20 Wake-up.
5:25 Can't fall back to sleep. Start to look around the house for the passport again.
6:30 No passport found. I wake Jamie up and double-check the bus schedule. A bus, 8 minutes away, will arrive at 7:01 - it will drop us off 12 blocks away from the building at 7:40 - it'll leave us a 15 minute walk to get to the building before our 8 AM interview.
6:50 Jamie can't find money for the bus - I thought she had a bus pass! Chaos ensues as we scramble some changes for the bus, and finding the last of the paperwork to bring.
6:56 Finally outside. Jamie is really sick, with a cold and a bad night's sleep herself after over-exerting herself trying to help me find my passport the night before. I'm in awe as she starts to jog and even run a little, and so we keep a fast pace to get to the bus stop.
7:00 Minutes away from the bus stop, we run the home stretch.
7:02 Arrive at bus stop. Too late? We don't know. The schedule at the stop suggests the bus will arrive at 7:06. Jamie catches her breath.
7:10 Still no bus. The next bus won't get us there on time. Jamie suggests we hail a cab. I hadn't even considered it!
7:15 I go into the local bank while Jamie looks to hail a cab. I realise I don't know how much it'll cost for a cab. I take out $200 and decide that this is my fund for the day and for further celebrations tonight.
7:18 I head outside. Jamie hasn't seen a cab. I have a moment of clarity and direct us towards the hotels - there's always cabs around there.
7:25 We get to the cabs and jump into one. Jamie gets to rest again. She looks a little unwell. I'm terrible for putting people through poorly-designed plans.
7:40 At the building. The cab apparently cost $27. He got an $8 tip. We walk in, Jamie freaks out. Her new and expensive phone isn't with her. Did she drop it while running around? Fuck. I leave it a message to the voicemail - if someone finds this phone, and want to do the decent thing and give it back, I'll amply compensate them. I also call Steph and leave her voicemail, letting her know we're walking into the building.
7:45 We go through the security check - nobody's asked for my passport yet, just Washington state ID. The first major relief.
7:50 I go get Jamie some tissue for her nose. It's now bleeding a little. Whoa. She also informs me that my flies are undone.
7:55 Interviewer calls for me and Jamie. This lady has the look of a person that wants to help - a contrast to our New Jersey interviewer, who went through the motions in a cold and calculated manner.
8:00-8:30 I start losing the nervousness. I try to be funny when I'm nervous, and if people laugh, I calm down and keep up with the funnies. By the end of the interview, the interviewer is laughing and calling me "hilarious" pretty frequently. Either sidetracked by this, or because she was awesome, we go through the interview without a grilling - just a check to see if we're still working, still living together, and still talking. No difficult questions.
8:30 Interviewer ends the interview. She saying everything looks great. She explains I'm not guaranteed a green card yet - she has someone that moderates her work, so it goes through one more person - but it's as close as 100% gets, as far as she's concerned.

Jamie's phone is, of course, at home. I rushed her out of the house so fast she didn't get to grab it before she left. So! All in all, a good day celebrated so far with a mushroom-swiss burger and fries. Further treats will be a night out at the local greasy spoon for food and drinks, and eventually Doc Martens. I want some real boots. In dark red.

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Yes, I know! I got all excited myself.

Still, not sure what's to be expected next, so got to keep kind of grounded.

I'm feeling better! Tonight - Viva la 5point!

Too much mashed potato bad.

Looking good! Go you! :)

Thanks! I feel a lot more calm and sane now this craziness is over. For now.

Glad it went well! Maybe people are just happier in Seattle... XD

I really do think people are more laid back on this side of the country, yes.

Congrats, man! You'll be an American soon!

Seeing as I don't have my British passport around, I don't have much choice!

(Actually, getting a new British passport doesn't sound like a bad idea. Mine was expiring in a year's time or so and I look like a kid in my picture.)

So, will this happen in time for you to VOTE next month?

Nope! My vote is not American enough.

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