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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Seattle Post-Turkey Day
Life Blurs
I had a very nice Thanksgiving meal with Stephanie, featuring lemon pepper turkey. It was delicious. Steph must have seen regular turkey, but decided lemon pepper turkey would be something more unusual and better suited for us, and this amuses me because it's true. We also had some potatoes, corn, stuffing and biscuits and watched Arrested Development for hours on end. One of the nicest Thanksgivings I've had - very soothing.

The last few days have involved little more than working out what I'd try to acquire for Black Friday, and so yesterday evening we had an early night to prepare for the 6 AM bus and the special offers. Target was the primo destination for Stephanie and me.

I wanted to get a new phone because my old one is considered archaic in our store - it doesn't have a camera or a qwerty keyboard or a screen in the front of it. So, I've gone from a phone that was top-of-the-line in 1996 to a phone of... hmm, 2003 standards? It was also a sale insofar as the phone went down from $100 to $40 for today. I have to say I think I might buy anything if it's a gadget and it's 60% off. I also got Apples To Apples: To Go! I don't have enough friends over for the larger, regular version to be a cost-effective decision. I won't pay $25 for this game - but $10 for a slimmed down version of the game? I can handle that.

Beyond that, I really wanted to find a really good camera for $200 or an okay camera for $100. I found a good camera for $200... but after looking at it and testing what it can do... I can't handle spending this much. It was another Canon camera, and all I can do with it is feel grumpy that it's missing some of the settings I really liked in the old one. I was offered a 14-day return policy if this camera wasn't what I wanted, and... yeah, it might go back today. I just can't let myself spend this much right now, and... well, genuinely, do I need a good camera? I have a mediocre camera in my phone now and Seattle winters are pretty grey. I should give it a month, see what Christmas sales show up, and also wait until I visit someplace else. Then I'll find a camera.

Oh! And I bought socks. Because I need warm feet.

Now, I'm going to head off, see if I can find some cheap jeans before my shift starts, and I think that's me done for purchasing relatively expensive nonsense this weekend.

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What's A2A to go? We finally got the extended gang to play Apples a few weeks ago.. it was super fun.

Your co-workers consider your phone archaic? I consider it functional (which is all I need)... I considered your old one functional too but I bet they really would have balked at that.

Yeah I had that same exact phone (Dean's really old one) and the amount of bullying I got about that phone was overwhelming!

At least you don't have an N-Gage or whatever that thing is. My mate at work has it and it's just an awful awful phone (it locks up every time someone calls and someone else sends him a text at the same time).

Not to mention it taking about a minute to open a text message..

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