Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

The start of something strange, December version.

Jamie and I need to talk to our landlord.

If what we hope to happen works, Jamie will remain living in this apartment and her friends will move in, because Jamie really wants to live with her boyfriend and their mutual friend, and two people moving in with Steph and I moving out fits better than her moving out and us finding a third person. We want a space that'll be just for us.

Again, to continue with the ideal world, Steph and I would move up the street a little, to either Capitol Hill or Queen Anne. Both are nice spots a little outside downtown Seattle, but rent can be a lot cheaper as a result. If all goes well, we might be able to find a decent-sized 1-bedroom for $800. It means we save up compared to what we're paying here, and we'll also have space for Steph's guests that are set to visit over the next six months.

What makes everything so weird... pets. Jamie's boyfriend is very allergic to cats. Jamie doesn't believe she can finance all the different things they'd need to get for him to handle her cat, Schnitzel, who is already tearing chunks of hair out of himself due to a grooming disorder. Steph and I have some pet rats. If we move and have to take Schnitzel for a bit, he isn't going to enjoy being in a quieter home while we work, with nothing but rats around - so if we take Jamie's cat away, we really need to leave our rats here for the cat's sanity.

So. Always little quirks to think about and work out. I've also lost my passport, that's another little stressful thing to get fixed. In a way, that's one of the nicest things about knowing I'm moving soon - quite literally going through the motions of throwing away the junk in my life, selling some of the more valuable... well, junk in my life, and maybe even finding my damned passport in the process of pulling everything apart.

If all goes well, my eBay stuffs will make me about $100, just before Christmas. It could be $150 if I get lucky, and that's the bills and utilities taken care of for next month and for the new apartment, it's a lot of kinks that make moving difficult potentially paid off in advance. Let's hope this time of year brings a little extra money out of people on eBay.

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