Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Inches On Inches

So, for the friends of mine that aren't in Seattle... we've probably had a half-foot of snow over the last few days. Last year Seattle had maybe two inches of snow and people were confused. This year, everyone is a bit stunned to exist in this weather. If this were happening the week after Christmas, more stores would be closed up. As it stands, work is even more entertaining - the people making the effort to visit the store actually had to work hard to get there, and so actually have some purpose when they walk in, versus the people that seem to use the place as an arcade, to play Guitar Hero and mess the store up a bit.

Places are finally starting to show up that are going to be leasing here in downtown Seattle, from February. The six month lease isn't even an issue, like we feared it might be. Steph and I are seeing apartments listed and being displayed for around $700. Our budget is $800 and we can handle pretty much anything so long as we keep warm. I'll miss having a washing machine and tumble drier in the apartment, though. It is one of those little things that you do appreciate a lot more when it's gone. It's also a shame to leave this apartment. It's a great spot and a fantastic landlord, but the cheapest studio in this building is $900. Just can't justify it.

The money we'll save by moving is being used for three projects. Two are pretty much fixed in place, one is more flexible, but all three have to be done this year.
1. A trip to Rochester, NY. Steph's family and friends are pushing three weddings into one month, and Steph wants to be there for at least two of them, and also show me her family and the lifestyle there. I think it'd be too quiet to live in, but I'll enjoy the vacation and I've adored the people I've met in her family so far... and frankly, the chance to see something different is nice.
2. A move to another place around July or August. Steph and I talk about this and a new place gets suggested each week. Steph still wants to try California, or possibly New York... but once you move to New York, can you ever leave it? And is it even possible to get a job there without knowing the right people? I don't know where sounds right for me. Lots to think about with this one.
3. A trip to visit family in England. I wanted to go in March - financially it's a cheap time to travel and the weather's typically getting pleasant at that time of year. It's possible it might have to be pushed back to October, because then we don't have to worry as much about over-spending and leaving ourselves short for something more vital, like moving.

I have people at work giving me Christmas presents. I didn't realise I was so likeable, or that these people were so in the spirit of things. Even while trying to be a tightwad, I have to find something good in return, so I can treat these people. Tomorrowtoday is my last day off between now and Christmas. I am limited to either downtown gifts or traipsing through many inches of snow for presents for people I don't know too well... hm.

I've got a lengthy phone call to make tomorrow too. It could net me $530 or so, so I'd best get around to it at last. I didn't even want to deal with my stimulus check never showing up. Best to get it done before '09 starts and this money is effectively lost. And hell, it'd cover the flight to Britain and back if it does show up.

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