Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

First Hill Cosiness

So, I suddenly got really quiet on here because I moved slightly. Stephanie and I moved out of our old apartment, Jamie stayed and her boyfriend Herman and their mutual friend Clarissa moved in. Everyone's happy with the move. Jamie is at home more than ever, Herman and her get to live together, none of them are paying more rent than they were before, and in our move, we're paying a lot less and have a far cosier place. Steph has always wanted to live in a brick building with hardwood floors and I love living near a 24 hour grocery store. I love a midnight raid for junk food.

The only downside to the new apartment is that we got used to living with cable television and snaffled WiFi. We've got no cable TV right now and the WiFi in the building only works if I type with my laptop on top of the fridge. The landlord talked suggestively about putting another router downstairs so I don't suffer the dead zone blues. As it is, I'm typing in the basement hallway to get a solid connection, so I at least know I can type away in the building without any real hassles (well, beyond the puzzled looks people may give if they see me, but it's one way to introduce myself...)

I'm excited to get a day off on Wednesday. I want to be frantic and productive. I want to take clothes to thrift stores and throw more stuff on eBay and get the last of my clothing unpacked. I want to talk to Clearwire to see what options I have for my limited connection, and talk to cable companies about hooking us up for a six-month term, and I want to look online and buy the 20x optical zoom camera I keep looking at and debating over. I want to fill the house with groceries and make meals for us. I'm definitely letting the side down as far as organising the apartment. My suitcase, littered with t-shirts, still sits in the center of the room. I think I'll work on that for a bit tonight.

I wish I knew how to let go of things easier, but I've been doing pretty well with this over the last few weeks. I have memories to a lot of clothing, enough that I'd regret throwing some of it away. While working a week ago, I managed to snag a grey dress shirt and tore it enough to wreck it. This shirt was actually the last item of clothing I have from my wedding day. I got rid of it, and a day later, moved out Jamie's new home and moved in to be with just Steph. If you believe in omens, I think it's a pretty good one.

February marks a one and a year anniversary with Steph as well, so we especially intend to go out and have some fun this month. And by fun... well, if you envisage buying a dish rack at a bargain price, then you're as fucking hardcore as I am.

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