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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Out With The Old
It's Time To Start
Today I throw a lot of clothing to the good people of Value Village. Tomorrow I take clothes to the University Village to see if anyone wants my old jeans and shirts.

In two days half of the clutter to be gotten rid of will have disappeared. It'll leave two piles: one for books to either put on eBay or take to Half Price Books, the other lot to definitely go on eBay.

The place is looking good. It's a bit too cold for its own good, but it's nice. It has its quirks which amuse me and will be talking points - we have a light fixture which is very 1920s and looks like cow udders, we have pipes going along the room (it has become home to one of my umbrellas) and we have a large block of something taking up a corner of our kitchen. Best of all is our pgymy toilet. It is very much the type of toilet that I remember using when I first went to school. It also roars when you flush. It's like a rabid chihuahua, or something.

Beyond that, we're also off to the market today to find delicious foods and we may have our first guest over tonight. If that goes well, I'll start trying to drag people along for social events in the place. Anyway, I'm typing in our building's hallway again and I'm getting cold and a slight back pain from lurching over the laptop. I'm going to get on with the day now.