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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Sassive Aggressive
It's back to using the local library for internet, which means:
1. Limited time to catch up on livejournal.
2. Limited time to talk to people on the chatty programs.
3. Limited time for me to talk about much.

So, in brief, our move has gone well. Though our apartment has a few annoying quirks, we have a relatively sound landlord that should fix up the issues. Our location is great, it's close to the grocery stores and the little conveniences I miss... I definitely say some of my favourite memories from England involved late night Tesco runs with people, so to be able to do the same at QFC is a relief. Even if there have been a few moments of concern, I can't say that the move has been bad for myself or Steph, and Jamie's happier than ever being with her boyfriend and near to so many places for her.

Am looking into flights to go back and visit England in late March, just after Pokemon Platinum comes out in the US, so I can technically buy low here in the US and sell high in the UK, and make some shopping money out of it. If I can buy them in the US for about $27, I need to sell in the UK for about 15 pounds to break even, but I reckon some stores in London (provided they're still open, recession be damned) should take them for 20-25 pounds to sell them for 35+. I can't remember the alt+code for the pound sign and I'm too limited by time (read: lazy) to check in the character map... except I couldn't remember the term for that aspect of Windows, so I had to search for it to find its damned name out.

alt+0163 £ £ £ yays abound for pound.

Anyway, all this means is that I'm trying to take advantage of the US and exploit it in the UK. Because there's really not many opportunities to do the reverse when I head back here. I'm really going to struggle to make a profit on Jaffa Cakes in the US. I think I'm going to do alright investing in the Twiglets and Cornettos, though.

So, any English people want me to bring anything over? Likewise, any Americans want me to look for anything while in England? Can't guarantee successes but will definitely look for anything desired, and I'm pretty good at finding things if I try. If I can't meet up with you in England/America, I can ship it along. Er. That's about it for that part.

Also looking into getting cable television again. Limited internet in the building is upsetting, and most companies don't want to sell you internet by itself, they throw together a deal for cable television and internet. Not sure about that. I've got to look into the plans and options available, but I've got to expect to pay about $75 a month for cable and internet. I know back in the UK I paid £40 for it, and it's about the same price, but you know, 75 compared to 40... well, it sounds like so much more. I know I feel more smug looking at my paychecks in dollars versus pounds.