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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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British Acquisitions, Help Needed From Englanders
Lousy Smarch Weather
So, I can safely say I've been away from the land of dark comedy for too long. Therefore, one of the biggest indulgences I'm going to undertake while back in Blighty is the snagging of as much British comedy as I can find. On the list, for various reasons:

The IT Crowd @ 18, Amazon - apparently getting a lot of rave reviews. Fantagraphics swag is in there too!
Fawlty Towers @ 13, Amazon - very few Americans have heard of it and I need to educate on the classics.
Peep Show 1-5 @ 17, Amazon - I have Seasons 1-3, but more seasons came out and I think it's cheaper to buy the whole set again, oddly enough.
Thick of It @ 8, Amazon - dry, vicious Iannucci genius and political spin? If it's between this or Yes Minister, this is cheaper.
QI @ 5 for season A, 11 for B, 11 for C, Amazon - my A season is damaged, and more to collect isn't a bad thing.
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace @ 5, Play - because I still don't own it, and the IT Crowd will link into it anyway.
Life on Mars, S2 @11, Play - me and Steph both own Season 1, so why not get real discs rather than downloaded episodes of the second seasons?
Ashes to Ashes @1 4, Play - and why not continue with another series as a result? It's the 80s, it's got to be good, right?
Armando Iannucci Shows @ 5, Play - again, if it's got his name on it and it's that cheap, it's almost criminal not to try it.

Then the ones I don't think I really want, but when you use Amazon or Play, they offer those "If you like this... why not this?" suggestions...

Smoking Room @10, Play - I recall watching a few episodes and being entertained at times, but never really thought it was worth buying. But I don't know...
Man Stroke Woman @ 5 for season 1, 5 for season 2 Play - I like sketch shows, and this is the closest thing to Big Train in a while, I've heard.
Monkey Dust, @ 5.50, Amazon - again, I recall a few really dark sketches like Jam, but animated.
Jam @ 10 - I owned it, it made it to America, but I don't know where it is now. Might have to re-purchase it as a result.
Aaagh! Mr Hell Show! @ 18 - It's pretty steeply priced, and I can't remember anything more than appreciating Bob Monkhouse being less mainstream and a few really stupid jokes.

What else should I look into that I don't know about? What shows on this list should I avoid and am just remembering with rose-tinted glasses, like I did with Dogtanian and the Muskerhounds? Am I missing something American and awesome and should be looking closer to my second home? Films can count too... am I missing some obvious films in this sinister style that might have slipped under the radar?

Oh, and did Hyperdrive ever get funny? I like Kevin Eldon as a comedian but couldn't find any value to that show at all when I watched it. But didn't he play a character in a kind of show where zombies took over the country, apart from the Big Brother House... was that anything worthwhile?

Also! Rob Brydon! What about him?

Opinions please!

Also not mentioned in comments, but found later on:
Attention Scum? Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive.

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I haven't commented on your posts on the subject btw but I am totally up for meeting up when you come back here, since I missed ya last time! I'll probably try and head up to London or something since it's largely rather dull around here. :|

Hyperdrive had a lot of potential. I watched it but the fact I can't remember anything about it probably says a lot about it. Ashes to Ashes isn't as good as Life on Mars but it IS very good. I don't know when it's coming out but on a similar vein (er, the british sci fi one), Being Human is a series you should DEFINITELY try and find if you haven't already downloaded it all. AWESOME show, and it'll be on DVD very soon I'm sure.

I didn't bring it up because YOU OWE ME from last time to make sure we meet up. No pressure, though! Plans are either you coming to London and swanning about with me, Steph and Jess - maybe Steph and I visiting Bristol as she wants to see a university city and Bristol is a nice day trip, with good weather on your side... or, most crazily...

Mum's offered to drive me and Steph somewhere for a day trip, and let us do our thing while she hangs out with her boyfriend. Technically, if you were in Manchester for some reason, we can try to kidnap Jess and all meet up there. Might be too many people in one go for Steph, but it'd be one hell of an organising coup.

But more on this next week when I call home and see what is possible / when I can find people to harass online and get things talked through better with friends and family at home.

Hyperdrive... I watched two episodes while I was in England last time and I think I smiled once. It wasn't trying to be very intelligent nor charming and I didn't find value in it as a result. Quite frankly, having Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes would keep us going for a while; it'd give Lost a chance to get a significant amount of a head start on us that we could blitz through half of season 5 in a weekend.

Being Human I know next-to-nothing about, apart from the DAMNED FURRY.


No, but really, I heard of the supernatural side of it and if it's well written and engrossing it might be a good watch, it just depends on how morbid it presents itself as, and if the storylines catch you off-guard. I mean, we've watched enough stuff to know about the conventional stuff that happens in films to werewolves and vampires and the like. So what's the hook that makes it something special? It'd be a shame if it were some swear-filled, watered-down show done already; it'd better not be Twi-lite.

Ahohoho, it's a pun. Do you see what I did there?

I'm always in Bristol with Luke and Sarah so I'm sure we can do something then. There's some nice things to do and see there, and the college area (Park Street) is also the Borders/Forbidden Planet/Cool Hangout area, too.

I didn't realise your Manchester date is a Thursday otherwise I would totally be up for that, but that's like the one day I work so I can't get up there for it. :|

Being Human is one of the best shows the BBC have put out lately. It's essentially the story of three 'outcasts' trying to make their way in society and live a normal life, hiding their obvious problems. It's perfect, it's funny and serious and dramatic and slice-of-life-y all at once. My friend Ben and my mum are both hugely into it, and it just ended last week or so so we're already chomping at the bit for S2. It really deserves a better channel than BBC3 ;p And incidentially, it's filmed right around the corner from where Luke lives, so that's fun. :)

I might even be really fucking insane and go up to Manc when you go up there. Can't afford it, but it'd be a hoot getting as many of 'us' together as possible.

Sorry, I'm thinking out loud all over your journal.


(do it.)

man i so would be all over that but I just realised he's planning on going there the ONE day I work :| Thursday is a suck day. O well!

After contacting Abby, the plan B is this:

If you and Katy and Jess can all arrange a day to "do" Manchester, Steph and I will be there as well, and we can just hang out in Abby's comic store and chat and drink tea and eat swiss roll.


Everything repeated, but using chocolate swiss roll, is Plan C.


We'll work out a day. I work Thursdays and Sundays so any day around them will be awkward (especially since I'd probably have to stay somewhere, maybe) but otherwise, it is so on.

fair enough.

i was raised on that and Flying Circus, which also probably has a bit of the dark to it, which is probably why my sense of humor alarms so many people.

Well, when you get in the mood, your snark is a little on the darker side of humorous, but never anything that isn't warranted. Maybe it's because you're not passive-aggressive with your opinion?

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