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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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DVD purchases up to now, and all that.
First of all, British people - if you need to contact me to organise meeting-up stuff, the home telephone number is 020 8482 3582. My internet access will be scarce for the next few weeks, I imagine. Responses on here are going to be screened, so Sel, Katy - give me info!

From selling a few random games on eBay, I had a large chunk of money sitting in my UK Paypal account - over $150, over £100. Problem with that account is that I had it linked to an extinct British bank account. So, without wanting the hassle of transferring the money around, I let it sit in there, for a rainy day, for a good reason.

That good reason was British DVDs. I spent pretty much all of it. I do have a whole row of DVDs that I won from eBay, currently making their way to my family's house. I let them know in advance to expect a film or two to arrive... having ten or eleven arrive will probably be a little bit weird though.

This leaves a few shows to get while in England... Ashes to Ashes, the Armando Iannucci shows and QI are all musts. Then there's things like The IT Crowd, The Thick of It, Snuff Box... maybe I'll end up with way too much stuff for my own good. On the other hand, I went a bit crazy buying things for friends and family, so there's ample space in the suitcase that must be filled for the return leg.

Next step is the part where I research the stores we're going to look into over the next week. If we don't make it to Top Shop... ooh.