Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

England Trip

Was very rushed - in nine days we did a lot. I'm surprised I had the energy for it all. Probably as motivated as I've been in a while. Both of us were very happy with the trip. No wasted days... really, if we had another two days we would have probably used them for relaxing and not gone anywhere else, and frankly, I liked cramming everything into those few days. To Steph, a vacation is relaxing. Pah! It was business time for me.

Steph bought a fair few nice things - dresses, brooches and the like, and I'd dare to say I went a bit further. I think we ended up with 30 DVDs, games or VHSs that we bought back. That's going to make a very sexy list when I get round to writing about the ins and outs of the trip. They're currently balanced precariously on a shelf that probably shouldn't be having them all on it.

Anyway, back to America. Had a nice morning waking up without any jetlag at 6:45 AM - we enjoyed popcorn and a grindhouse movie for breakfast and we're going to go have some pancakes this morning, as a kind of second breakfast. I've got work today as well, which doesn't sound as hideous as I worried it'd be ten days ago. My back will hurt by the end of it, that's the only thing I know for sure.

So, yeah. We're both really happy. Was a nice trip, we have English junk food (no Cherry Tango though, and even sadder, Refreshers are impossible to find now) and we're going to make sure to enjoy these shows bit by bit. I might honestly start some kind of "Anglophiles Anonymous" where anyone is welcome to our tiny little place to watch a British show once a week. I think we're more likely to have moved before we get through all of those shows, though!

So, after work tonight, a more lengthy post or pictures of swag or maybe a little of both, or if I get hit by a sudden burst of tiredness, maybe nothing. It's like a lottery practically nobody cares about! Apart from the possible British people who were reminded that I actually have a livejournal again, and might stalk me in case I write mean things about them.

IHOP has loaded hash browns as its special treat. I definitely indulged in British snacks while I was there, but now it's time to savour some of the more wonderful American things again. Even if I do like my mother's pancakes with golden syrup over IHOP's pancakes; though I have to say their butter pecan syrup is out of this world.

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