Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

The Irritable Feeling

I've got into a consistent schedule recently, I'll work five days a week, be productive on the sixth, and dick around online or with video games for the seventh. This is bad as things are piling up and I need to be somewhat productive on my days off, but there's a sense of lethargy to myself recently where I want to chill out and have fun before craziness sets in.

I think I'm letting myself miss out on experiences due to laziness - Steph borrowed Mouse Guard from the library and it sounded really interesting, but with it sitting in the house, I didn't do more than get bedazzled by its cover. I didn't even pick it up and browse through it and appreciate more of the artwork. Its style was so intricate, so exact, it looked like the author had put their heart and soul into every little detail, and there I was, dismissively hiding my work schedule or my keys on top of it.

I've finally had to get into Twitter because my co-workers consistently use it, and in all honesty, I think the more of a limitation I have on my writing, the better it turns out. 160 character limits? I could handle that. I like it in a way that I dislike Facebook - the conciseness of Twitter is far from a mirror image to the clumsy, quiz-laden Facebook. Goodness knows what happened to those MySpace accounts I set up years ago. It's almost as if I like Twitter more because I can be more detached from having to refresh a website... all the messages can just come to me on my phone instead. It feels more personal.

And then there's Livejournal. What happened to me and this website? I maintain most of the friends I've had on here for years, but I don't know if I've hit the stage of life where there is a monotony to what I do - I can already predict what may happen on six of my seven days in the week, after all. I do suppose that as I've recently suffered with my computer and its inability to display true white on its screen, I've lost the excitement in dealing with pictures, with icons. Livejournal is a pretty creative and expressive place, certainly moreso than Facebook or Twitter by the level of customising available. But do I feel like I have the capability to put something nice together right now? Honestly, no, I don't think I do.

I need to call Hewlett-Packard tomorrow so that I can try to get my screen fixed. The machine has a part which is linked to my troubles, and this part is under a limited warranty, so I'm going to have to call and see what can be done. And while it's gone and fixed, I'll miss my solid keyboard and my Enfield background, but between browsing on the Wii and keeping in contact via Twitter, I won't be as detached from local and distant people as I have in the past.

I have to ask: what websites or programs do you folks using Twitter to update your Livejournal/Facebook use?

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