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And then I asked CJ out.

I asked her out at 4 AM over custom-security Livejournal posts and comments.

CJ had been the biggest help in keeping me sane after the madness I came home to. She had no reason to help, especially given some of the difficult circumstances in the past I may well have rekindled, but she did and I felt cared for, and able to speak my mind without problems.

It didn't seem rushed, we both found a compassionate and friendly voice to talk to, and swiftly worked out we were very similar-minded. Both soppy old romantics, both attempting to get through major problems in our lives, both losing the friendship of Yasha for going against the grain.

It was the silver lining to a horrible trip. A difficult question to think about when I look back at this would be: did having me and Yasha hurt so much by the trip end up being a good thing, as it brought CJ closer to me and Matt closer to Yasha?

It's not nice to be hurt, but when the end result caused as much happiness as CJ did, I think I was glad of the trip and what happened afterwards, really. Just a shame I'd waited on the travelling. I may well have ended up visiting CJ instead of Yasha.

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