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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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One month on...
I really don't know why I don't write as much as I used to. I have hit a little bit of a speed bump for most activities, entertaining or otherwise.

I recently signed up for Twitter and allowed it to send messages to my phone. Y'see, my phone plan gives me 1000 text messages per month and I'd be lucky if I could hit 200. Two-thirds of the way through the month, I turned Twitter off because I think my phone began to hate me and because I'd nearly had all one thousand messages used up. I never realised how much people can ramble on. Some prime examples of disappointing use of Twitter involved conversations which could have been said in person, instead getting 'tweeted' into a community instead, despite the message really not having any use to any other subscribers.

I had my Xbox 360 break down and had all sorts of fun with customer support. Evidently outsourced and trained to be condescending, they were kind of perturbed by someone who just wanted a damned license transfer. After two one-hour phone calls, this was finally fixed last night and I think everything is back to as it was. I'm possibly missing a couple of Rock Band songs, which I might have to find again in my download history and snaggle them back up.

I wandered all the way back to Tacoma, 30 miles away from where I live, to get a wireless guitar for my Rock Band video game, especially in preparation for when the Rock Band: The Beatles game makes it out in September. Sometimes I feel that I make some strange decisions in life, and the four-hour round trip for this pretty piece of plastic seemed like a strange decision as I made it. Truth be told, I'm glad I went. It's especially amazing to see some of my friends who never struck me as particularly interested in video games (or the musical genre of video games, anyhoo) getting excited over it. I hope to have more fun with that game than any other this year, with the possible exception of Scribblenauts, due to it being such a remarkable project to attempt to attain.

For those with no previous knowledge of it, Scribblenauts is a game where you control a character via text. You'll see a star atop a tree you're meant to collect, so you'll type in the word "ladder", a ladder will form and you can climb up to collect your star. Or you can create a beaver who'll chop down the tree, or you can create a football and kick the ball into the tree to knock the star down. I do find my DS my primary source of gaming entertainment, and so this is one of the most ambitious and exciting games I've seen designed for it. God on a Skateboard!

I laughed so much at a video of a lady singing about Hover Bacon I damaged my throat and it hasn't been right yet. This is a prime example of why the British are delightfully mad. Other examples involve The League Of Gentlemen, which I have begun to show to people who enjoy darker humour. Steph and I enjoyed Ashes to Ashes and will be importing in the second series whenever that shows up.

Steph wants to move, I want to see if I can be promoted because it'd be easier to find another store that could use me if they know I am capable of running a store. If it seems my district manager doesn't have enough confidence in promoting me, a sideways move to some other city wouldn't be too bad, but I don't really want to leave the people I know behind. I think it's because I'm a terrible friend once distance gets involved. I don't detach myself from people in my past properly and I have a lot of friends that float around on my friends list on here or on Facebook and whatnot, and I wished I talked to them more, but then in that situation I wish it were a vocal talking rather than typing away on here. If we don't move I am saving money pretty well, just like I used to. I realised how shocking it was that I had several thousand pounds to my name at my young age. I really was a frugal / boring kid. I'm not much better now. We can find a nicely sized place and live in some comfort even if I can't get a promotion, but I don't want Steph stagnating out here...

In the next few weeks I need to get ready for people getting married! That'll be exciting because I get to dress up and try to find really obnoxious presents! Shamwows for everyone!

I actually feel in the mood to get pictures put up, finally. But then I have here, I have Facebook... where do I actually put them up on? Both places? Bah. That's why this whole set-up feels like a chore now. I'm accommodating to other people rather than putting stuff where I want it to be for my own personal benefit. But on the other hand, if it's for my benefit, why upload it anyway? Hmm.

I need to sleep. It's too late and I'm only going to wake up cranky.