Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Rinse, repeat One Month On

Yeah, really. I noticed in the past I blogged things less when I was around Jamie. I blog a lot less with Stephanie around. Nothing I'm upset about, just an observation.

So, from last month: the throat is better, though Steph thinks it was more than me just hurting my throat with web videos, because she developed a really intense throat problem that meant she was struggling to breathe - her tonsils had swollen to the point that breathing hurt. Being helpless for Steph (and possibly a carrier of some crazy British throat disease) was pretty mortifying. Am glad she's better now.

After having the 360 break down and get returned to me, the laptop I own subsequently broke down. Again. It'd been on death's door for a while, with screen issues and all kinds of weird hang-ups, but it finally cracked. Was informed of the price to fix the system. Let's just say that will be the last repair on this guy. When Steph and I work out our future and where we intend to settle down at, we'll get ourselves a behemoth of a desktop.

Our TV is starting to fizzle and crack so I think if we give it a few more weeks, that might be another thing to keep some money aside for. Although that won't be a repair, we will definitely go nuts and buy a nice flat-screen hi-def TV. I think just for weight purposes those TVs are nice. A big block of television is damned heavy to lug around, that's for sure. Mind you, that kind of makes the desktop computer seem a little hypocritical.

Our major reason to assume we're moving a little bit around the Seattle area is that we want to get a cat back - Jamie used to have a cat called Schnitzel who she had to let go of due to her boyfriend being severely allergic to it. It was moved to friends in Tacoma who I don't think did a good job looking after him. I'm not saying I'm a whiz with pets, but I have the common knowledge to know that if you're struggling to pay for the low-ash food the pet needs, you don't go out and pick up two kittens. They might be moving by October, and we have to move into a more spacious apartment before they go, because Schnitzel cannot leave the state. I don't think he's got another trip in him. I was the one who had Schnitzel under my seat when we flew from New Jersey to Seattle. He was frightened and it took him a few weeks to get back to his usual self afterwards. Add a few years on and a few months of malnourishment and throw him on another trip and I think he might not make it.

But, to better news now - we got to take a vacation out to upstate New York, to visit Steph's family and to see friends Sarah and Ruth get married. Steph put a lot of the events up in detail in her journal. Again, photographs are still forthcoming. I can't say I was excited to leave on the trip, there was a slight worry that I wouldn't handle upstate "country life" because I'm used to being able to walk to all my conveniences, and that I expected muddy ramshackle buildings left, right and centre. I expected to have to bring the heavy Doc Martens with me to account for all the mud. But I had a really good time, and can't remember seeing a pile of mud around. Just a lot of lush greenery for miles and miles around. Houses with acres of backyard space, people having exchanged the busy life for a giant house they can work on themselves - you know, a fun do it yourself project that could last you years. Steph's mother has the entire first floor done and the second floor is still a work in progress, but it took a little while to adjust and remember that Steph's old bedroom was bigger than our studio.

It was a definite real vacation unlike the expedition of London, where I crammed a ridiculous amount of stuff into the time we had. Steph remarked I go into Holiday Mode when I'm travelling, where I have all these reserves of energy to keep me awake alongside an alarmingly useful body clock that adjusts without jetlag being an issue. I got on well with Steph's family, although she felt they were walking on eggshells around me, keeping on their best behaviour. I remember the freak out that occurred when Steph's mother got lost in midtown Seattle. It was expletive-fuelled pandemonium in our car. She was totally in her element in New York for our trip over there, and seemed a lot happier just to see Steph. Why have a reason to get wound up when your baby girl is back in town for a while?

Right, work soon. Got to get going. Projects for me over the next week include going through the programs on here and basically keeping this machine in better shape than it was. And then getting pictures uploaded. And then maybe working out what I'm going to do with a DSi our store won at work. My first plan of action appears to be getting Dr. Mario on it for Steph, though.

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