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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Have got back into Football Manager 2008 to some extent. Spent a large chunk of time customising a Seattle team together based upon the players I can find in the database and tweaking a few statistics. Some players were set in the database without positions, and I gave each of the players a few statistics based upon what the coach says about them - if he says they're pacy and determined midfielders, I give those stats a bit of a bump.

This does remind me of my favourite game of FM, where I put myself into the game with good attributes, potential 130 or so, and let the game play for 10 years to see where I'd end up. Was playing for Championship level Aston Villa, who'd just got relegated despite having a European Footballer of the Year in their team. I remember selling him on for £25m or so and throwing a new defence into the team, and I had some all star Andorran defender that was the linchpin of the club. Most cheerful moment was recruiting myself and finding out I was a damned good defensive coach. And some regen Belgian wunderkind whose name I can't remember but it was slightly offensive sounding.

Anyway, now I'm looking into messing around with the database some more. I'm going to check the technicalities of it, but see if I can form some kind of national team in club team format. I tried something like this in the Danish league but the players would transfer between clubs, sullying everything. Apparently the Malaysian league doesn't allow anyone from outside their nation to play in their league. This might be the best way to fix something up.

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I remember when we tested together (I am sure you will not remember me, but I always found you an endearing chap and so read your LJ from time to time) but I specifically remember being entertained by you messing with the stats in the engine to make the curl on the ball be ridiculous, and spend all day trying to score mental goals with it

My favourite day was the day I found out the engine couldn't handle more than 25 goals being scored in a game. 0-5-5 formations with goalkeepers set to run with the ball.

Or the Xbox bug where I renamed every player in a Polish team, gave them all cartoon characters' names, and about 80% of them got injured with a phantom injury. That was the best bug I found.

I think I was disliked by Joe and wasn't invited back, because I always arrived late (but stayed late to compensate, I'd use three or four machines at once when everyone else left, trying to let the game run to the future, those were always the worst bugs when I played at home) and especially when I fluked a victory over him at Pro Evolution Soccer. I scored an overhead kick from a corner and subsequently spent the rest of the game using Wimbledon tactics.

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