Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Time To Pack The Shirts Away

I have been consistently getting Sundays and Tuesdays off at work. I hadn't realised how it felt to get into a set schedule. I like knowing my days are consistent, although I feel if I'm going to let myself get into the virtues of a monotonous schedule I should try to get two days off in a row. I feel like this is myself getting on the greedy side, however.

One of the saddest changes in our corporation was the addition of a uniform - which can be defined as a shirt you expect to see being worn in movie theatres. That polyester kind of clothing that does nothing to impress and everything to homogenize. Options for these shirts were black with white trim or red with black trim. I chose the red option, due to the colour scheme making me think of Manchester United. When Stephanie and I moved into our current apartment, I would still wear a buttoned, collared shirt and a smart pair of pants to work. My only excuse to wear these shirts now are on my days off. I must have a dozen shirts, and can honestly say that two-thirds of them are not shirts I'm going to want to wear on a day off. You know, they're too functional and not personal enough to warrant being worn consistently.

I, instead, am spending a good chunk of cash on geeky t-shirts. The kind of gaming t-shirts that will be understood by the right people, or just look interesting to others. It's cheaper than a good shirt and tie and it is more personal, so. I also want to make some shirts up of my own. Absolutely have to get on with some of these concepts. You know, I'm sure if I go back through those posts from years ago, I talked of all the things I wanted to make. Did I make any of them? Of course not. The cost of getting someone to make the shirt is more than buying someone's more impressive shirt. Uniqueness be damned, I can take the easy way out and get less paint over the cat.

I think I'm going to take those collared shirts off of the hangers in our closet. I'm going to put some of the t-shirts up. Buy some more hangers, possibly, and get a lot more things on display. The bold colours for my clothing will be more interesting to look at. I should look into donating the clothing I'm not going to wear any more. Tomorrow seems like a good day to do a good deed. The local Salvation Army is about a mile up the street, so I'm not inclined to give myself a hernia to get rid of clothing, but it might be cathartic to get rid of some of the things I don't even remember owning, let alone want to wear again.

I miss a display area for my quirky trinkets. Right now they sit in a giant egg, the kind you get in Kinder Surprises, except this egg used to house a giant Jack Skellington made of a Lego-style design. Anyway, this egg holds a whole load of random stuff and I should get some of the items in there on display. No use letting all these things go to waste.

I am ultimately an out of sight, out of mind kind of person. I buy a lot of things to forget what they are or why I have them. I also want to go through my DVD collection and throw some of this stuff to some local place, because Netflix does the job just as well and I have less physical stuff to move around for the next big move-around.

Seattle is not my home, and it definitely isn't Stephanie's. Again, another thing where I could say the plans to get out stopped and I haven't done enough to get the moving attempt back into motion. I don't know. We have a cat to look after that I don't want to move with, he's moved a lot and gone through a lot of trauma already. I want to see more of this side of the world. The move would likely take us away from the west coast, it's too expensive to live in most of the nice spots in California, for example. I wonder how many other excuses I could put together if I really wanted to. Don't tempt me to make a list.

For someone that doesn't want to move, I make myself very comfortable here. The nice little luxuries like the television that wouldn't make the move with us, the extra clothes that'll take up prime real estate in our suitcases. The bed. The games systems! Oh, goodness, moving those things around sounds frightening in itself. On the whole, if it's something technologically inclined, I probably want to keep it if we were to move again. I'm quite a tragic case as far as that goes. I hoard too much, yet look at what I have right now and feel I've definitely hoarded a lot less than "the good ol' days". But one day I'll decide to look into the suitcases at the non-clothing stuff I still possess and feel quite embarrassed to make such a statement. That will be an emotion not conveyed online when it happens.

Right. Doing the nodding head stuff. Oh yes. Got to get into bed proper. Tomorrow will be constructive and I'll have a few less pounds of junk by the end of it if it goes well. If it doesn't, I'll have probably just begun playing too much Football Manager and stuffing my face full of white-choc pretzels.

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