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I wrote this after hearing from a shy girl who'd invited a boy over to her house. She had a huge crush on him but never found the right time to ask him out... although by trying to be nice, she talked a lot around him - she was worried she'd talked too much and made herself out to be very different to who she truly was. She asked him out at a later time; they're still together now.


I wish I hadn't met you then,
I felt it wasn't me that day,
I wish I didn't have so much to say.

When I'm with someone I don't know,
I'm quiet, simple, shy.
And when I sat with you that day
I talked a lot, I now know why.

You see; I felt I had to try
To prove myself to you.
I know you're very friendly and
I think you're someone who…

…Well, I consider you to be like me,
You seem to enjoy what I do.
We could be together,
But instead of one, we're two.

If I had bravery, I'd tell you how
People search for soul-mates all their life
They look for people with similar interests
And find that person, sometimes…

I wish I could keep this as a rhyming poem,
But I may lose the point of this message if I do.
We seem to be incredibly similar in
Opinions, viewpoints and characteristics.
Would you consider me to be more than just a friend?

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