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When pushed, college wasn't fun.
I'd been thrown into a computing course so Mum didn't have to pay as much rent, this was the first day I actively went. Sadly, the course wasn't fun and by January I wanted out. I was told to keep on going for the end of the school year by Mum but I really needed out of it before then. The course was getting tiring, and I was finding ways to bunk out of lessons, and taking time off extensively. Getting there was too much effort for its own good, and feigning the travelling there was just as much effort.

The course was slow-paced on the subjects I was interested in, and it involved several lessons I didn't want anything to do with (I didn't feel inclined to spend time and money to do basic maths tests, or talk about how to get off a desert island). I took the course to learn basic HTML and to learn about the components of a computer. The former was achieved by using the internet more and buying eBooks to learn further. I admit I still only have basic comprehension of the latter, but this was achieved just from opening my computer up and attempting things, and gaining more confidence at tinkering with the innards of a machine.

Most of the teachers were amusing, but seemed to be people that couldn't get into university jobs, just like most of the students weren't the type to go to university.

In the end, it wasn't a good path for my life to go down. At this stage in life, I wanted to go to university but I didn't want to get into debt - I wanted to work a little first, so I had something in the bank before I left for a uni. This wasn't the best plan for the family, so it was shelved. Quite honestly, I don't know if I'll ever go back to following that possibility. If I'm managing a shop by the end of next year, I'll not have done bad.

It'll all depend on what seems appropriate to do.


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