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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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You can figure out how I'm feeling, by what I write/read on here.

1. If any of my LJ posts have no subject, I'm tired and unable to think properly.

2. If my LJ subject hasn't got a full stop at the end, I'm in a rush/not thinking straight.

3. I will often start playing music on this PC, solely to fill the "current music" bit.

4. I am easily amused by silly animated gifs for icons.

5. If I ever bother with italics/bold on a post, I'm really bored.

6. When I make around six posts a day, I'm happy and feeling good.

7. And the opposite occurs: when I'm down/ill, I seldom write on here.

8. If I write a one-line journal entry, it's usually written on impulse due to something someone's said, just so I remember it for the future.

9. I feel down when close friends of mine don't read my journal, despite me setting them as a friend, and leaving them personal journal entries.

10. If I go for two days without making a new LJ post, chances are I'm dead.

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Greetings from Bristol's finest drinker

thought i'd write a quickquick note to say hi. for anyone else reading this, please don;t feel neglected:) i have nooooooooo time and must go right now.
anyway, bristol rocks like a finely coked up leather wearing long haired iron maiden fan. i cannot think of a negative element to it, which is kinda cool, and hasn;t oft been the case in my life.
i hope u are well and good, keep in touch via email: jp1489@bristol.ac.uk since i almost certainly won;t have any time to be on lj.
anyhoo, cyas. i'm off to try and reach my total of 100 units of alchohol in a week, currently on around 85-easypeasy.

Re: Greetings from Bristol's finest drinker

Cool to hear from you, James.

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