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Ray the Non-Flying Squirrel.

After I got the keyboard yesterday, me and my friend Tony took the scenic route back home. It was a fieldy area, with lots of goalposts up for football games - and there's a concrete path to walk down in the center of the field, with giant horsechestnut trees all lined up in a row on either side of the path, the branches from a tree on one side intertwine with branches from a tree directly on the other side to it.

Now, we saw a few squirrels. They were running from tree to tree, sometimes going over our head, and sometimes following us. However, as we were walking home and began to ignore them, one of the squirrels did something we couldn't not pay attention to.

It jumped from one tree... to nothing. For no reason it jumped out of a tree. It plummeted about 15 feet down, onto the concrete path below, to which it hit the floor with a solid thump, landing (from where we stood) on its head.

And its reaction? It looked stunned for half a second at its own incompetence, before scurrying up a tree again.

I want a pet squirrel now.

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