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Kenny Rogers the monster.

But I was too lazy to write them down, so I'm writing down the things I remember.

First dream: for some reason, the mayor of London banned rubbish bins. Anyone found with a trash can could be shot. He advised everyone to throw trash into modified toilets.

So everyone was throwing their rubbish down the toilets and into the sewers. I then began to feel curious over why this trashcan ban occured, so went down (in a radioactive suit, no less) into the sewers to see why... and when I went into the sewers, I began to fly (as if I'd always done it, and it wasn't impressive), following the current of sewage. I could hear sporadic bursts of country music as I went along, getting louder as I followed the current. I then hear a munching sound inbetween the music-playing. At that point I get frightened and fly out of the sewer.

When I got out of the sewer, I flew to the mayor's office and I asked him why he was doing this. He told me that he had to feed "the monster", and keep his bad music below-ground. The only way to do that is to feed him as much as possible, he told me. I ask curiously what the name of the monster is. He says "Kenny Rogers".

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