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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Ooh, yes, I just remembered...
Usually I'm a scruffy person... scruffy brown hair and a scruffy beard from being too lazy to shave. I get used to the taunts of "Jesus" and "Werewolf"... but it's nice to see some originality once in a while; when someone called me "'im from Jumanji!" a week or two ago.

...I don't take myself too seriously, so I was chuckling at that remark.

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'The Um Bongo music'?! Only *you* would say that, Dean! ;P *shakes head*

Way down deep in the middle of the Congo
A hippo took an apricot, a guava and a mango
He stuck it with the others, and he danced a dainty tango
The rhino said "I know, we'll call it Um Bongo!"
Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo
The python pick the passion fruit
The marmaset the mandarin
The parrot painted packets that the whole caboodle landed in
So when it comes to sun and fun and goodness in the Jungle
They all prefer the Sunny Funny one they call Um Bongo!

I actually giggled, quite noticably, in this densely packed computer lab in school.
About the Jumanji part, of course.

By the way, you do know I am out of network, eh?

Oh, it sucks. I have to wonder how is MS surviving this.
Eeep. I say.

Hehe, I'm glad to hear someone else found the Jumanji part amusing...

And I do know about your PC problem from your entry in livejournal. I hope it gets fixed soon...

I guess it makes you understand more the problem she is facing, except she is likely to have to wait a little longer for a whole PC, than you will for your computer problem... :|

...hm, I wonder if livejournal will state I deleted my previous reply to this after I mistyped something :P

Oh no Dean, you're obviously biased here.

MS is having less a problem than I, remember, she is not a computer nerd that spend most of her waking hours in front of the computer; while I, for your information, am very much a computer nerd. She has NO idea what I am going through.

Computer withdrawal, a 21st century disease.

So, EEp to you!!

Just realized how badly worded that message was.

My point being:
This sucks.
And I am in pain.
I guess that is it.... I shall now go home, and..... sleep.

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